An Invite to play for the world

Since the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) was founded in 1981, it has upheld a legacy of "The" banding experience to have. WASBE's primary goal is to create an international culture of music and with countless musicians coming and going through these conferences, it became a universal goal to reach for in the band world. 

As the Irish Symphonic Wind Orchestra started embarking upon its journey in just 2014, we have always set our sights high. After a rigorous submission process, in September of 2016 we were informed that we had been chosen to play at WASBE's 2017 conference in Utrecht. We are very proud to announce such an accomplishment as it marks the first Irish wind band to be part of a WASBE conference outside of Ireland. 

Find out more about this year's global conference at www.wasbe2017.com